Volunteer Duties at the Clinic

I thought I would take time to explain some of the various skills needed to accomplish the tasks we have at the clinic:

Medical Record Keeping: Most doctors offices are completely on the computer now and we have some donated laptops that a great volunteer refurbished for us to use for record keeping, etc. We are looking forward to beginning the electronic health record phase of our clinic. This will streamline how we maintain our medical records, as well as, our bookkeeping. This will be a major undertaking and will take a devoted, computer trained volunteer to see this transformation of our medical record keeping system to completion.

Bookkeeping: Since we do not yet have the benefit of electronic health records as the other clinics do, we still do all of our record keeping on paper, thus we have all kinds of paperwork to complete; sometimes the client needs help and sometimes not. We also have simple office tasks that we need some assistance with. If you are computer savvy, we often have some kind of data processing to be done.

Child Care Worker: We are in need of a child care worker, probably a woman alone or maybe a woman and a man. We have many volunteers that have children that cannot help out on clinic day because they need someone to care for their children while they volunteer inside the clinic. We have an excellent facility for that with a playground, nursery, etc. Just no worker.

Organizer: If you have good organizational skills, we often times have need of an inventory list developed or some area organized.

Greeter: We always need assistance with hospitality, making coffee, changing movies, greeting people, and such. Many of our clients so enjoy a friendly face or a kind person to talk with them. Fellowship is a rare and much needed asset.

Teacher or Leader: If you have specific skills such as money managing or teaching in a specific area, we would entertain the possibility of forming a class for that. Mainly, since some of the patients are at the clinic for quite a while, anything to do with organizing people would be of benefit.

Specific Skills Teacher: We could use a nurse to do some diabetic teaching or a money manager to help with very tight budgets. If you have a specific skill that you think might be useful to our client, lets think about sharing your expertise.

Honey-Do's: Some mild construction or painting is a need, but that is usually done at other times besides on clinic days - which remember are the second Saturday of every month.

Sharing Jesus and giving encouragement: Of course, the most important thing we do is talk to people about their relationship with God, encourage spiritual development, or pray with them concerning events or troubles in their life. That is why you MUST be a Christian to be a volunteer at Sharon Clinic; not being critical at all, but being able to bring others to a personal knowledge and relationship of Jesus Christ and how He can totally transform our life is our main focus. There will be upcoming classes on how to share your (and our) faith with the clients at the clinic, as well as, give knowledge or direction to obtain practical resources for our clients.

There are many other duties not listed here needing a committed, interested volunteer to help out. If you are interested in being a volunteer at Sharon Community Clinic, please contact Vicki Jordan at email address: vjordan@sharoncommunityclinic.com

Vicki Jordan

Clinic Administrator