We want to urge you to pray for our brother, Mr. David Edwards, from Rose City Quartet (he is pictured on the extreme right).  He has suffered an illness and then an accident, and is still quite ill.  We missed him at the concert; however, the remaining members of the group showed up and gave and tremendous time of entertainment and evangelism.  Mr. David - please take this time to recover and get completely well.  We care for you greatly and wish you a blessed time of healing.

Sharon Clinic Volunteers

About Sharon Community Clinic:

People who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid or CHIPS but not enough to pay for medicine and doctor visits, as well as people who work hard for a living to make ends-meet until they have to go to the doctor are those who have inspired our church (Sharon Baptist Church) to begin a free medical clinic. Established in October of 2008, Sharon Community Clinic continues to operate on the second Saturday of every month at 9 A.M. A group of volunteers, including a doctor and various other medical providers, meet together and turn Sunday School rooms into patient exam rooms and work rooms that provide free care for the people in our community. 

We live in a rural setting a little off the beaten path; however, by word-of-mouth people are finding out about our clinic. Although we do accept donations from outside sources, we do not ask or expect payment from our clients. The only services that clients are asked to pay for are lab tests and x-rays, which are optional and discounted at about 90%. These costs are exactly what the clinic is charged. 

We request that our clients have no Medicare or Medicaid and have low income. We treat persons of all ages and are listed with the United Way which you can access by dialing 2-1-1 on your telephone. We can also help clients with resource referrals to other local ministries or services available to the community. 

It is our ministry to help our community by providing health care for those who cannot afford it. But more than that, we want the chance to mention our Healer and Comforter’s name and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.


For best results, bring or do the following items:

- Bring all medications in their original bottles so we may see what medication you take and how you take it.

- Bring all over the counter medications or vitamins you take.

- Bring all past medical records you can reproduce, any doctors names or addresses. Try to make a list of what doctors you have seen over the past several years.

- Bring names and addresses of hospitals or clinics you have been seen in over the past couple of years.

- Think back and write down any old surgery information/dates and what surgery was performed and any major illnesses in your past. 


- Bring your last two months paycheck stubs if you work. 

- Bring your social security award letter where it states what amount you receive on social security. 

- If you have no income of your own, provide a statement of who pays your living expenses.

- Bring a picture ID. Sorry, we cannot see you if you have no picture ID.

- Update your address every time you come to the clinic - it is for your benefit that we have your current information so that we might reach you if we have a problem or question concerning your care. Occasionally this does happen.


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